Children of Vulnerable Families

The project aims to save the next victim of crime by providing formal education
to the children of the prison inmates. This integrated program on education and
community development provides residential education facilities to the children
through the various formal schools which not only provide them security but also
opens up opportunity for development. The project counselors regularly visit the
schools where these children are studying and interact with the school authorities
and hostel wardens on the progress of the child. Parent teacher meetings and health
check ups form an integral component of this program. The children participate in
the celebration of some of the major festivals. The project arranges for children in
the residential schools to meet their siblings who are in other schools.

To continue the bond between the mother and the child, the program conducts regular
prison visits for the children, who can meet their mothers who are serving their sentence
in jail. When any of the inmates is released from prison, the program team members meet
the 'released from prison' parent of the child at their home. In this home visit, the staff
members teach the released parent the role of a parent who can once again become a role
model for their child.